Saturday, September 06, 2008

I never imagined that I would have a reason to post a picture of Mary-Kate Olsen on my blog, but life is funny that way.

I've been knocking myself out for the past six weeks writing some live video effects for a Sept 4 New York fashion week party sponsored by Dazed and Confused magazine and Mini Cooper. Hipster heroes MGMT played. Joel Gethin Lewis scored us the gig and played VJ for the night. The bugger of it was that I wasn't able to go, so I've been poking around the net looking for some pics of the effects in action, but almost all of the photos from the night are red carpet shots of the various models and starlets who were in attendance.

There's a write-up on the Mini Cooper site which mentions the video effects: MINI Rooftop Party.

And I did find a video which shows the briefest of glimpses of the software in action -- check out this link at 0:10 and 0:33:

Fashion week party video.

The final push to get the software ready was pretty brutal -- a succession of 16 to 20 hour days of coding and debugging. It only crashed once, which, considering it was essentially alpha software, is not bad at all. Joel tells me that people had great fun playing with the effects.