Wednesday, November 01, 2006

From the Method Artist

This site is my first stab at showcasing some of the procedural image-making I have been working on lately. I become quite compulsive about it, and I am starting to accumulate a nice grab-bag of techniques and source code, and I am eager to get some feedback.

Above is an example of one of my latest. Hodge-podge of different techniques, turned out pretty good. Some pretty heavy number crunching involved, takes a couple minutes for medium size image on a recent model PC. And yes, it's a processed photograph of Marilyn Monroe. With any luck, I won't get in trouble for pillaging a copyrighted image.

I have ambitions to "monetize" my work, as we say in my biz, which is the biz of software development. I am casting about for a business model, which might consist of selling plug-ins for Photoshop so that others can make stuff like this, or possibly selling preposterously over-priced one-offs to wealthy Manhattanites, or maybe executing some of my ideas in welded steel on a massive scale to decorate some soaring corporate atrium or other. Suggestions are welcome.

One thing I won't be doing is open-sourcing the code, so don't ask. At least, I won't be doing it before my daughter is out of college. I love open source, and I am deeply philosophically committed to the GPL when it comes to public computing infrastructure -- OS's, compilers, network stacks and such like -- and I plan to contribute in future to an open source project where my skills apply and my personal solvency permits. But I'm also okay with selling proprietary, closed-source software. As Linus says, the person who wrote the code gets to decide what to do with it, and for now, this stuff is for my eyes only.

Expect to see a new image every couple days or so. Typically what is involved is 1) having an idea (and they are coming thick and fast these days); 2) writing some code; and 3) making some images.

P.S. Please forgive the pretension and mystery surrounding my self-appellation. I want to keep blog this anonymous for now.


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